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FairTech engineers are highly skilled and experienced in the preliminary sizing of aircraft components using hand calculations; and in the detailed analysis using Nastran, Patran for linear, non-linear, dynamic and thermal, F&DT analysis covering Fatigue Life estimation, Crack growth & Propagation and Damage Tolerance.
Preliminary Sizing   FESPS
Preliminary Loading–Aerodynamics
Hand Calculations & Stress Analysis
Interface Joints
Sizing Report
Weight & CG
Structural Grid
Assembly Meshing
Load Built Up
Load Evaluation
F & DT Analysis   Airworthiness Certification
Fatigue Life Estimation
Crack Growth & Propagation
Damage Tolerance
Airworthiness certification
Compliance Document
Detail Analysis Report
Test Plan & Co-ordination
Support to Customers
For Certification
Detail Stress Analysis    
Strength, Stiffness & Stability Analysis
Linear & non-linear Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
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