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  Manufacturing support Capability
These services include evaluation and disposition of non-conformance, redesign for available equipment or processes, tools, jigs & fixture design, CNC codes for machining and modeling.
  Testing Support
  Testing of products require support for design of rigs, jigs and fixtures, identification of critical test criteria, test plan, etc. all of which FairTech offers as services.
  Documentation for Certification
In order to certify airworthiness of an aircraft, detailed documentation on stress records, testing and other information is needed depending on the certifying agency. FairTech can provide these documents and assist in the certification process.
  Modification and Up Gradation
FairTech offers services in the field of modifications/midlife updates to the customer on existing aircraft/system with and without data availability. This is done using re-engineering or reverse engineering techniques. These solutions will be most cost/time effective to satisfy customer requirements. At the same time, it meets the safety requirements of specifications to obtain the airworthiness certification.
  Life Extension
FairTech also offers services for life extensions in TBO and TTL areas. With vast domain expertise in the field of fatigue-life/damage-tolerance/crack propagation, environmental deterioration, service wear & tear on different kinds of aircraft, FairTech offers best solutions and simpler inspection schedules for extending both TBO and TTL. The services are offered in the field of structures / systems / control mechanism.
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