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FairTech's analysis capability is backed by a team of qualified and experienced analysts. The latter have the competency in employing hand-calculations approach and in the numerical way of Finite Element analysis, thereby reaping the inherent benefits from both methods for the benefit of the customer. FairTech's engineers can address the problem in the first-time-right manner to meet the customers’ exact needs. Its engineers are adept in using CAE tools such as MSC Patran and Nastran, Ansys Classic & Workbench, Hypermesh, MathCAD, ESDU Data sheets, etc., for meshing the models and for analysis purposes.
  FE Modeling and Analysis
FairTech can provide complete support in the area of preprocessing, which includes, high quality mesh generation for all types of components to suit analysis needs. Appropriate mesh will be generated based on the structural feature, type of analysis, load path, or to meet customer specific requirements. FairTech can also provide its services in the creation of FE mesh for specialized needs such as Macro Generation for load application, Sandwich mesh generation for components which have zone transitioning from thin to thick, and so on.
  Detail Stress Analysis
After obtaining the overall loads, detail stress analysis is carried out using FEM/Classical Engineering Methods depending on the type of component to be analyzed. Analysis is carried out for various loads using linear, non-linear, buckling, contact analysis techniques, etc. to obtain sectional strength, fatigue life and buckling stress. Stress, strain, deformation, Margins of Safety, Reserve factor, etc. are derived. If required, the corrective design exercise can be carried out wherever negative margins/excessive deformation were noticed. The final documentation is provided in a format required by the customer.
  Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
FairTech has expertise in carrying out the Fatigue and Damage Tolerance analysis through hand calculations (with in-house and software supplied by the clients) as well as FE tools like MSC Nastran, etc. It has capability of predicting the full fatigue life of a new component with necessary inspection intervals and the residual life of the in-service components. FairTech can design fatigue modifications necessary to get the desired life on damaged aircraft components.
  Dynamic Analysis
Dynamic analysis include estimation of fundamental natural frequencies of structures. Evaluation of Dynamic response under the influence of various time-dependent loads such as random vibration, harmonic, shock and other transient dynamic analysis such as bird impact and crash analysis can be carried out.
  Thermal Analysis
Estimation of temperature distribution, heat flux, heat flows etc. for steady and transient conditions, of heat transfer problems such as conduction, convection and radiation can be addressed.
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