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  Preparation of Test Schedules
These services include testing support at coupon, sub-component and component levels. FairTech also supports in test setup and identifying strain gauge locations and load distribution.
  Correlation of Test Results
  Once the test data is available, FairTech can take up the correlation of test results with analysis results.
  Updating Drawings Based on Tests
  FairTech can provide alternate design or modifications to the existing design to incorporate the test results including models and drawings that need to be re-worked.
  Specifications and Standards
FairTech is well conversant with the following specifications and standards. The projects are executed to meet one or more of these specifications / standards. Compliance report is prepared at the end of the project for certification purposes to meet the safety standards. Apart from this standards specifying the material properties, testing and other characteristics as vibration, noise etc. are also taken care of during the design exercise.
  MIL Spec and Standards
Military Standards
Standards for Fasteners and Materials
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