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  Tooling Experiences
FairTech engineers are multi skilled and are having experiences in wing tooling, typhoon tooling, fixture for fan blade, vent test rig, door bracket test rig, and tooling for engine, parameterization of engine tooling models and in the preparation of technical user manuals.
  Wing Tooling
Rib to Spar Setting Gauges
Drill Plate for Flap, Aeliron and Spoiler
Spacematic & Flexi Drill Templates for Ribs
Setting tool for collector cell angle lower and upper at rib bays
Collector cell diaphragm panel drill jig
Router jig and Base Plate for Flap Track Aft Attachment
Drill jigs For Diffuser Brackets Between Various Rib Bays
Drill jigs for weir Duct brackets Between Rib Bays
Minor and Major Modifications
Detailing of the Existing Tools
  Typhoon Tooling
Reverse engineering: Measuring the physical tools supplied by the customer. Modeling and detailing using the measured dimensions.
Conversion of the drawings to standards.
Design changes of the existing tool (drill plates) and detail design drawings for the changed tool.
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